DJ Doctore

Andrej de Cuba (Andrej Korošec) but well know in the Latin music`s as Dj Doctore from Slovenia is on the tour for over 5 year in salsa scene. But he started his carea as DJ in 2010 and became the name for salsamusic in Slovenia (Maribor). Salsamusic is not something what is choose, but salsamusic choose him.


He has worked at several salsa events and parties across Slovenia.  His highlights:

  • Salsaparty, Planet TUŠ Maribor,

  • Salsaparty, Planet TUŠ Celje,

  • Salsaparty Glamour Caffee,

  • Salsaparty Latin Jam,

  • Salsaparty Festivalna dvorana Lent,

  • Salsaparty Club 911...


At the moment, he is working as resident Dj at Dancing school ROLLY in Maribor.


In his program he play many variations of salsaryhtyms, cuban, LA mixed with a little bit of Bachata, ChaCha and Reggeaton.

TV Maribor